Server Rules

Global Server Rules

All users must read and respectfully follow these rules in order to avoid punishment. By playing on our servers, you agree to update yourself on these rules every so often.

These rules apply to ALL NexusNation servers and are non disputable.

Common sense applies to ALL rules, attempting to find loopholes by saying “this isn’t specifically stated in the rules” will result in a warn.

  1. No mic spam, chat spam, voice manipulation software or links in chat.
    1. No unnecessary use of microphone (shouting, screaming, arguing, playing music)
    2. No posting more than 4 successive messages in a short amount of time.
    3. No use of software that manipulates the output of your voice to the server.
    4. Posting external links in text chat is forbidden for cyber security reasons.
    5. No use of coloured text.
    6. On non combat servers such as surf and bhop, you are allowed to sing/ rap, if the majority of the server is enjoying it.
  2. No impersonating or disrespecting players / staff.
    1. Do not impersonate staff or other players names, through VIP tags or steam name.
    2. Do not excessively hound, insult or target players or staff.
  3. No external programs, software, hardware or scripts.
    1. Any kind of third party software or scripts are against our rules and will result in you being permanently banned. This ban will not be appealable and you will be also banned from the website. This includes, but is not limited to; Bunny Hop Scripts, AHK Scripts (Auto-Hot-Key), Strafe Hacks or any other software that gives you an unfair advantage. The use of Hyperscroll/ Free-Scrolling mouse wheels is also prohibited.
  4. No map/server exploiting.
    1. If you find an exploit within the server or the map, report it ASAP on the NexusNation website or to a moderator if one is present.
    2. If you are caught abusing an exploit, you will be permanently banned. Sharing exploits is also a bannable offense.
  5. No attempting to abuse RCON, CVars or commands.
    1. Any attempts to harm the server will result in a ban without question, this includes: RCON Scripts, Spamming CVars, Command Spam, and/or other actions that could result in the server crashing.
  6. No smurf accounts or alternative accounts to evade bans.
    1. The use of smurf accounts on servers to evade punishment is forbidden. This will cause further punishment on your original account and smurf account.
  7. No spamming map music features.
    1. Constantly changing songs is considered trolling, any hidden secrets that activate a sound queue should be pressed once and once only. Over use of this is spam and will be dealt with.
  8. No abuse of the Call Admin feature.
    1. Any attempts to abuse the !calladmin system will result in a ban from all of our servers.
    2. Please ensure that as much detail as possible is provided when using the !calladmin system to enable staff to respond quickly and efficiently.
  9. English only.
    1. You can only speak English in voice and text chat.
  10. Staff have final say.
    1. Respect mods decisions, they have the final say in enforcing rules.
    2. If you believe that a staff member is manipulating or bending rules, please raise this to an Admin+ on Discord.
  11. No Delaying Rounds.
    1. You are not allowed to purposefully delay a round from ending. E.g. Not defusing bomb on Retakes. (This is also covered in JB Rule 1.27)
  12. No Links in names.
    1. Links to your own constructive content (Streaming, art, music, etc) is allowed, however links for pure monetary gain ( Gambling sites ) or a link just for the sake of a link is not allowed.
    2. We also do not allow links to offensive content.
  13. No Detouring.
    1. On Executes you must follow the strategy given to you. Detouring from your team whilst executing onto a site is not allowed.

Jailbreak Server Rules

Jailbreak is a game mode in which involves prisoners (Terrorists) and guards (Counter-Terrorists). The guard's aim is to kill any rebelling prisoners and order them to play games within the prison in order to get to a final prisoner. The prisoner's aim is to either survive by listening to the guard's orders or by rebelling and killing the remaining guards. The guards are run by a warden who is automatically selected at the beginning of each round. They are to govern the prison and give guards explicit orders which they must follow at all times.

  1. Definitions

    1. Hunting: Actively looking for rebels away from the Warden.
    2. Freekill: If a guard kills a prisoner who was not rebelling.
    3. Rebelling: Rebelling is when a prisoner turns breaks any prisoner rules or whenever a prisoner is not following orders given by the warden.
    4. Walking: Either shift/crouch walking (no jumping).
    5. Shift: Whatever button you press to walk which is not crouching.
    6. Baiting: Coming within knifing distance of a prisoner or standing within the path of a moving transit of prisoners. If a prisoner knifes you from your baiting, you cannot retaliate.
    7. Ghosting: Ghosting is an act of multiple players handing out information to each other which results in an unfair gaming experience.
    8. Free time: An area restricted "free-day" where prisoners can freely move in (including jumping) and must follow the given restrictions for this free-time. (you cannot leave the area, you do not need to listen to any commands until free-time is revoked).
    9. Stairs / Ramp: This is the same thing.
    10. Bloodhound: The last prisoner trying to find the rebels for the guards to kill. There is no baiting during bloodhound and the guards may kill the bloodhound if they are purposely delaying.
    11. Rushing: Aggressively moving towards a guard who is not baiting.
    12. Restriction commands: A command that restricts prisoners from performing a certain action. E.g. Jumping.
    13. Nazi Day: A day when Guards can punish for minor errors. Can only be done when Guards are consistently struggling to control prisoners and the Warden has specified prior to opening cells that it will be a nazi day and explained what it is.
    14. AFK Freeze: not touching your keyboard or mouse and your character is standing still (not emoting or free-looking)
    15. Snitching: Telling the guards negative information about a fellow T, e.g. "Warden, Citizen has a gun" is snitching while "Warden, there's a gun in front of the marker" is not snitching.
    16. KOS: "Kill on sight". Being called KOS means when a guard sees a KOS person, they should kill the KOS person, usually for breaking a restriction or rebelling (Shown above).
  2. Global Rules

    1. The general rules must always be followed.
    2. Honesty is key, please don't lie to staff about free-kills, etc.
    3. No trying to loophole the rules, use common sense. If you obviously loophole as a T, you can be KOSed.
    4. Do not talk over the warden at any time.
    5. No team-killing using map triggers unless friendly fire is on.
    6. Freezing allows players to stand, crouch, and jump on the spot unless specified otherwise.
    7. No one is allowed to give any type of orders in-game except the warden (includes saying/typing in chat "go" etc)
    8. Your name must be easily readable with no foreign characters. Names with letters such as "𝓝𝓮𝔁𝓾𝓼" are allowed.
    9. You cannot have any jailbreak related instructions in your name. (all T's, jump rope, freeze).
    10. The terms "Guards" and "Prisoners" will always refer to the corresponding teams, it cannot be changed, used in a trap, etc.. its an overriding name and should only be used for overriding confusing situations.
    11. If your microphone is bad do not use it, people might not understand what you’re saying particularly as the warden and it will cause complications.
    12. Unless you are part of the staff you cannot do microphone checks.
    13. The first round is always a programmed free day. Guards cannot give any orders excluding orders to drop guns, move away from a guard they are getting too close to, etc.
    14. Orders must be given and doors must be opened before 9:00 otherwise the plugin will automatically grant a free-day. If orders have not been given the Guard that opened the doors will be guard banned.
    15. The plugins are made for a reason, if the plugin prints it's a free day, it's a free day. (few exceptions).
    16. Cell doors should only be opened when the warden gives the command to do so or does it themselves (unless a rebelling T gets them open first).
    17. After cell doors have been opened, they should not be re-closed by anyone and remain open for the duration of the round.
    18. Shots must not be fired into a stack of prisoners unless the guard is certain they have a clear shot or if the stack is rebelling.
    19. Any incidents or rule-breaking that happens in one round cannot have an effect on any rounds after. For example, a prisoner has been free-killed in the round and requested a free day for the next round cannot be permitted.
    20. Vent cells are to be treated as normal cells if the vent is not accessible (closed off due to not being the random spawn).
    21. Do not ghost (bait someone's position out) especially if you’re dead.
    22. You may not interfere with an ongoing LR unless the prisoner rebels.
    23. Special days are only allowed if requested in the LR menu. (Unless given permission by a staff member).
    24. Free days are only allowed if requested in the LR menu or won through a mini-game.
    25. No detours and delays is implied on all commands. This also applies to Special days too, eg you can't just camp until you're last alive.
    26. No cheating is implied on all commands.
    27. When being told to crouch, it implies stay crouched.
    28. When making a gang make sure the name isn't offensive and that you're not advertising within the name.
    29. You may not encourage other players to RTV a map, though you may suggest maps to be voted on when it comes up.
    30. You may not camp medic. Any trip to medic must be to swiftly heal and leave. Unless a warden command is given to stay in the medic.
  3. Newcomer Rules

    1. Newcomer -- A Newcomer is a new player (with playtime less than 4 hours for a Prisoner, under 20 round wins for a Guard), whose playermodel is tinted green when not set to a different colour.
    2. If a Newcomer did not make it to the previous LR Partners stage, at least 1 newcomer must be kept alive until the LR Partners stage if possible.
    3. If a prisoner is given the choice to choose prisoners to live/die, at least ⅓ of the surviving prisoners must be Newcomers.
    4. Unless fully rebelling, Newcomers must always be warning shot instead of being KOS.
    5. Be considerate of newcomer Guards. Do not try and catch them on every little detail, but do feel free to inform them of any major mistakes they make.
    6. Do not excessively target newcomer guards as an easy rebel. They are there to learn and you constantly targeting them will discourage them from learning how to properly be a guard.
  4. Rules for Prisoners

    1. All prisoners are considered rebels if they are seen to be trying to escape or rush/attack a guard. (with exceptions)
    2. Going past where the warden has told you to go/stop at high speed (e.g. bhopping/boosted) is classed as either running away or rushing if you are going towards a guard.
    3. Being in the armoury, a KOS zone, knifing or entering vents, shortcuts, and having a gun unholstered (in hand) instantly makes prisoners a rebel unless the warden has given permission to do so.
    4. Actively disobeying commands is classed as rebelling. This includes restriction commands.
    5. Orders take effect where you stand (when told to crouch walk follow warden don't jump first and then crouch walk, take 1 step out of your cell and freeze means not doing something else first).
    6. Wait until the warden has finished completing the order.
    7. Prisoners must follow the orders given by the warden until 20 seconds after their death (restrictions still apply).
    8. When given an order you try to complete it with the given restrictions (Unless specified all minigames CLEAR all movement restrictions). Should the minigame require you to ignore certain restrictions, the restriction will be lifted for the period of doing the minigame, and will re-apply after (unless specified otherwise).
    9. When given an order which you cannot complete (not including restrictions) you have to freeze.
    10. You have to actively participate in (map) mini-games (so you can't be just frozen and waiting).
    11. When a Warden is trying to sort out a game to run don't be an asshole and try and ruin it for them, be considerate and allow them time to do so.
    12. You're not allowed to use the !lr menu if you are the last prisoner alive and still in the process of completing a minigame or order.
    13. Prisoners are not allowed to be pardoned by a Warden if they are rebelling.
    14. If you do not have a microphone and you wish to talk you must AFK freeze and type your message then go back to following the commands.
    15. Toy guns are not allowed.
    16. Intentionally supplying a weapon to another T is counted as rebelling.
    17. Prisoners are allowed to snitch only if the warden has granted them permission, which they may request. You do not have to get permission to vouch against a snitch. Lying while snitching is KOS.
    18. On a free-day, camping outside of the armoury to trap guards inside will result in being warning-shot then made KOS.
  5. Rules For Guards

    1. To be a guard you need to have a clear microphone and be willing to be a warden if selected (you can transfer warden as long as you do your fair share of wardening).
    2. Favouritism is not allowed in any form, other than giving consideration to Newcomers.
    3. Guards cannot enter the vents unless they are sure a prisoner has gone inside or is currently inside. (You do not have to follow the same entrance, so long as you do not break any other vent related rules)
    4. One guard must be with the warden at all times when there are more than 2 alive Guards.
    5. Guards cannot open any secrets/vents if it will help a prisoner later on in the round.
    6. Guards are not allowed to camp any type of vents, secrets, the armoury, or any vent entrance/exit (for example, vent cells).
    7. Guards are not allowed to give prisoners guns at any given point.
    8. Guards must give prisoners a fair chance to complete the warden's orders. Not doing so is classed as free killing.
    9. Warning shots must be given as much as possible by holding down "E" and shooting a prisoner for non-threatening actions. For example delaying, not facing the right direction, not crouching when told to do so, etc. Warning shots do not have to be given if a prisoner fails a mini-game, running away, is inside/hitting a vent, in a KOS area, blatantly disobeying orders, or not completing orders after a large amount of time.
    10. Guards should leave the armoury by 9:30 and can only return to the armoury if a prisoner is seen in the armoury or for a very prompt ammo restock.
    11. When there is only one rebelling prisoner remaining, guards are allowed to be sent by the warden to hunt any vents, secrets, and the prison.
    12. Guards can only attack rebelling prisoners. If you accidentally free shoot someone then you must heal them if requested. If you accidentally free kill someone you must revive them or kill yourself in the armoury.
    13. The only orders a guard can give when there is a warden is to freeze, drop any weapons and throw any projectiles.
    14. If you are selected for warden when the warden dies, prisoners to follow the previous wardens commands for 20 seconds after death.
    15. Guards should always be considerate of prisoners that may not have a microphone.
    16. Do not bait prisoners. This means coming within knifing distance, one step away from a prisoner, standing within the path of a moving transit of prisoners. If a prisoner knifes you from your baiting, you cannot retaliate.
    17. Guards are not allowed to shoot when the "lights out" on the black market is activated, and also are restricted from shooting through smoke unless it poses no risk to non-rebels.
    18. Guards cannot judge who is trying to escape a cell solely from the sound of vents breaking, they have to physically see a prisoner trying to escape to call KoS. Guards can use sound cues to hunt, as long as they follow previous rules regarding vents.
    19. Standing on top of a building (e.g. Medic or Armoury) is not classed as camping that area unless blocking an entrance.
    20. Once the last prisoner is choosing LR, CT's must run away and prepare to fight, if they ask you not to follow them.
    21. CT cannot lie about the Warden's commands. E.g. Where the marker is, what restrictions are in place or similar.
    22. You must actively hunt the last rebelling T, otherwise, it will be classed as delaying.
  6. Rules for Wardens

    1. You must follow the guard rules as well as the rules for wardens.
    2. In order to be a warden all your instructions must be clear and follow the server definitions (see below).
    3. Do not give orders to guards which makes them bait prisoners.
    4. As a general rule, a single order (not a trap) should not kill more than 5 prisoners. (map mini-games are not included).
    5. When playing a controllable map mini-game you cannot have more than 5 deaths unless a time limit on completion is specified (your guards are your responsibility, order them to quit pressing buttons).
    6. Map mini-games can only be played twice per round with a group of prisoners.
    7. Orders must be clear, if there was spam during an order you need to repeat the order
    8. Orders must be repeated once per order if requested in chat. This does not need to be done for a regular minigame unless requested by a Newcomer. (If mods think you're trolling you will be punished)
    9. You cannot order prisoners to play bugged map mini-games.
    10. As the warden, you cannot restrict the prisoners from knifing. The only exception is when AFK frozen.
    11. Try and make rounds not repetitive and boring, you're ruining others fun otherwise.
    12. Wardens cannot force a player to bloodhound.
    13. Wardens cannot force prisoners to crouch, jump, any variation for long periods of time.
    14. Wardens cannot force a prisoner to type any commands in chat/console.
    15. Wardens cannot force a prisoner to kill himself. (jump off the edge, jump in the lava, etc...).
    16. Wardens can order any prisoner (free days included) to drop map specific grenades/bombs. (Toilet/Swords/Etc...) as it is treated as rebelling if not listened to.
    17. Free days can only be acquired via LR, vote, or failure to open the cell doors by 9:00.
    18. When executing a special day you must provide a brief description of how to play the mini-game whilst the countdown happens.
    19. When revoking a free day, you have to repeat orders given during the prisoners free day.
    20. Wardens cannot restrict communications on other guards. (it's the staff's job to act on mic/chat/voice spam).
    21. When placing marker(s) that are not directly visible for the majority of the prisoners you have to specify where you placed them.
    22. When wardens revoke the previous warden's commands (or all your previous orders) you hereby revoke any command/restriction / free time by the previous wardens.
    23. When wardens revoke previous wardens restrictions (or all your previous restrictions) you revoke all restrictions by any previous warden.
    24. Wardens cannot do the Simon Says game (over voice) more than two times per game/map.
    25. All mini-games you make prisoners do must be explained in full. Asking the prisoners to crouch if they do not know how to play.
    26. Do not be a warden who punishes players for minor errors. This is only acceptable for Nazi days (see 6.13).
    27. Wardens are not allowed to consecutively do Nazi rounds. (E.g. 3-4 nazi rounds in a row).
    28. You cannot give prisoners orders to do games etc in their cells, the only orders you can give them is to AFK Freeze facing/touching an object in their cell.
    29. You cannot give prisoners orders in their cells without a 5 second grace period to follow these orders (for example, "all prisoners AFK freeze facing and touching your cell doors if you are not doing this by 9:30 you are KOS" and the time is 9:35 at the end of the sentence).
    30. Wardens are not allowed to kill non-rebelling prisoners if there are 2 non-rebels left (e.g. don't decide who gets LR with bait commands, or custom restrictions). The only exception would be if a prisoner has to reach the end of a mini-game. (like deathrun where the only way out is the end).
    31. Wardens must make the two remaining non-rebels to compete for !lr.
    32. Wardens are allowed to ask the last non-rebel if they would like to bloodhound the remaining rebels.
    33. You can only turn on friendly fire in the cells before the doors are opened, however, you cannot force prisoners to kill one another, it is voluntary. The only exception to this is “Knife Battle”.
    34. Please keep "Friendly Fire" to a bare minimum (once or twice per map).
    35. On jb_tropico Friendly Fire as a whole is not allowed due to the large player count in cells.
    36. Wardens may not make prisoners play deathball in a small area. The play area must have lots of space to dodge the ball. E.g. The cell medic on jb Peanut would be too small, but the cage outside would be big enough. You can't use Ticking Time Bomb to help target rebelling Ts.
    37. Ticking Time Bomb and Deathball deaths are limited to a combined 3 prisoners. They also cannot be played with less than 10 non-rebel Ts.
    38. Maths or Random Select (Unless during pass or keep minigame) is not to be used to select a prisoner to decide an amount of prisoner to live/die. E.g. Maths to choose 5 Prisoners to die
    39. Talent Days and their variants are not allowed.
    40. For custom minigames that require you to complete a jump to live (including LJ blocks), the max distance you can make Prisoners jump is 240units (!measure). This value should be adjusted if the jump has a vertical component. You can exceed this value if all participating prisoners consent.
  7. Last Request/Special Day Rules

    1. During !lr you have the ability to specify your rules and conditions to your LR (with exceptions)
    2. LRs must be fair in starting points, e.g. in shot 4 shot you cannot select mag-7 and go right up into the Guard's face.
    3. Both parties of the LR must be ready before you start an LR.
    4. Whilst doing race, both parties must agree on a start and endpoint before they begin and the destinations must be chosen as quickly as possible to ensure there is no round delay.
    5. No glitching an LR so that one of the parties is stuck or is unable to take part fairly in an LR. This involves teleporting players to unfair places where if they win they may die or telling a guard to go to a place that puts you at an unfair advantage. This also means for special days such as war days, you cannot hold down a location that gives you a distinct advantage over the other team i.e. jb_clouds - Extreme climb teleporter or other map teleports
    6. Last Requests that require staff must be accepted by 3 parties: the player itself, the warden, and a staff member (missing 1 of the 3 implies you don't get your LR)
    7. Custom LRs are allowed if they are reasonable, do not take too long coming to an agreement and both the warden and prisoner has to come to an agreement
    8. Do not delay the round when LR becomes available to you. If you do you will be slain or made KOS
    9. Gun toss rules are to be set by the prisoner before the first gun is thrown and must be understood by the guard.
    10. Players cannot slay themselves or kill themselves if they do not like an LR game.
    11. Prisoners can still be classed as rebelling when they have access to LR. Being last alive is not a free pass to intimidate guards.
    12. Teaming is not allowed in special days except Hunger Games.
    13. You cannot start a typing contest with a player you know is gagged.
  8. Special Days

    1. Bhop Battle - You have to use a knife to kill everyone, with bunny hop enabled.
    2. Knife Battle - You have to use a knife to kill everyone. You have 3 lives.
    3. Kill confirmed - Kill someone and a chicken will drop, pick it up and they will be unable to respawn, just like the COD gamemode ‘Kill Confirmed’.
    4. Gang war - Two teams, crips and bloods, you have to try to kill each other and if the team gets to one-sided then it equalises the teams.
    5. No scope - You have an AWP and cant use your scope and then have a no scope battle.
    6. Scoutzknivez - Low gravity scouts battle in a Free-For-All.
    7. One in a chamber - You have a deagle and only 1 bullet kills people and you will get your bullet back.
    8. Headshot - Headshot only 1v1 Deagle.
    9. Shark - Guards are in noclip and prisoners have an AWP and guards have to kill prisoners with their knife.
    10. Nightcrawler - Have a laser that is green and CT’s are invisible and if a CT is in front of at their laser goes red.
    11. Trigger discipline - You have a usp and if you miss a shot you lose hp.
    12. Gun game - All start with a gun and have to get 2 kills with that gun to upgrade it just like the COD game mode.
    13. Hunger Games - All players spawn in a circle surrounding a crate. You must go out and break crates to get weapons from them.
    14. War - Prisoners are Blinded, and guards (with increased Hp and speed) must all go to one area and wait for prisoners, who are given Ak-47s to be unblinded and then attempt to find and kill them.
    15. Hide And Seek - Hide and seek is another special day where the job of the CTs is to hunt down and find the Ts after they have had time to hide.
    16. Special day vote - Vote for a special day
  9. Commands

    Commands Function
    !t, !p, !prisoner Switches you to the Prisoners team
    !ct, !g, !guard Switches you to the Guard team
    !s, !spec Switches you to the Spectator team
    !menu Opens Guard/Prisoner/Spectator Menu
    !open Opens the cells
    !close Closes the cells
    !voice Allows you to mute all or specifics Ts
    !days Open special days menu
    !mini Open mini games menu
    !fd Open freeday menu
    !heal Open heal menu
    !glow Open glow menu
    !qrevive Open quick revive menu
    !tools Open tools menu
    !w Claims warden
    !tw Transfers warden
    !guns Open guns menu
    !math Starts a math challenge
    !lr Open Last Request menu
    !ball Aquire the ball
    !reset Resets the ball
    !gang, !gangs Opens gang menu
    !gsay Communicate with fellow gang members
    !squad, !squads Opens squad menu
    !ssay Communicate with fellow squad members
    !fa, !federal Opens CT Item menu
    !store Opens Store menu
    !credits Check all players credits (prints your credits in chat)
    !stats Opens stats menu
    !stop Stops all sounds
    !measure Measure distances of jumps

If you want more info on Jailbreak, please look at the Jailbreak Guide

TTT Server Rules

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a gamemode in which involves Innocents, Traitors and Detectives. The Innocents aim is to stay alive whilst helping the Detective discover who the Traitors are. The Detectives have tools in which to aid them with the tracking and elimination of Traitors or simply survive. The Traitors have different methods on how to kill the Innocents and Detectives, if they work together as a team they can successfully win.

  1. Definitions

    1. KOS: Kill on sight (someone has committed a severe Traitorous act and should be killed).
    2. RDM: Random Death Match (killing someone without a valid reason).
    3. Ghosting: Revealing information to a player which couldn't of gained themselves.
    4. Prop Blocking: Using props to restrict enterences/exits or blocking a player.
    5. T-baiting: Committing a treacherous action as an Innocent/Detective.
    6. Cross-teaming: Assiting Traitors as an Incocent/Detective and vice-versa.
    7. Camping/Delaying: Staying in one area for more than 30 seconds.
    8. LOS: Line of sight (having line of sight of a Traitorous act).
  2. Global Rules

    1. The general rules must always be followed.
    2. Honesty is key, please don't lie to staff about RDM's etc.
    3. No trying to loophole the rules, use common sense.
    4. No intentional team-killing.
    5. No prop/body blocking in any situation. This inludes but not limited to, blocking enterances/exits and/or blocking a player.
    6. The only warning you can receive is from the Detective when being asked to be scanned with a taser.
    7. Your name must be easily readable with no foreign characters. Names with letters such as "𝓝𝓮𝔁𝓾𝓼" are allowed.
    8. You cannot have any TTT related phrases in your name. (I'm a T, Traitor, Detective).
    9. If your microphone is bad do not use it, people might not understand what you’re saying particularly as Detective and it will cause complications.
    10. Do not ghost (bait someone's position out) especially if you’re dead.
    11. If a player does not say "name KOS", or , "KOS name", they cannot be KOS'd.
    12. Players can call KOS on any other player as long as it is for a Traitorous act (Traitors can't call KOS on their T buddies).
    13. Players cannot be KOS'd solely off of the guns they're holding or the location they're in.
    14. Players can give 3 warnings to another to stop following, if they do not do so they are deemed KOS.
    15. You may not encourage other players to RTV a map, though you may suggest maps to be voted on when it comes up.
    16. No Abusing Props to move. This Includes but is not limited to; prop climbing, prop surfing and prop pushing.
  3. Innocent/Detective Rules

    1. Do not kill or damage players if they weren't called KOS unless in self-defence.
    2. As a Detective, you must give 3 T-bait warnings before calling KOS.
    3. A Detective can never be a Traitor (killing them is forbidden unless in self-defence).
    4. You can only kill players if all dead bodies are ID'd and all other Innocents are proven.
    5. T-baiting to the extent of trolling is a bannable offence.
    6. Do not RDM AFK's. You must have proof before killing an AFK even if it is delaying a round.
    7. Scanning a KOS'd player will revoke their KOS if they're Innocent.
    8. Tasers automatically KOS Traitors and only prove the person using the taser.
    9. You may repeat a KOS at any time in the round as long as it is within the correct format.
    10. Being shot at or shooting a Traitor does not make you proven.
    11. Someone is only proven to you as an invidual if you have witnessed it or it has been called by the Detective.
  4. Traitor Rules

    1. Do not intentionally reveal a fellow Traitor in any way possible.
    2. You cannot call the initial KOS of a fellow Traitor.
    3. You may damage/kill a fellow Traitor if you have their approval.
    4. Do not camp Traitor rooms.
  5. Suspicious Actions

    1. Consistently watching, aiming at and stalking players.
    2. Having a Traitor only weapon equipped.
    3. Not responding to a Detective's life check in a reasonable time frame.
    4. Standing close by and being the only one holding a weapon that has been used to kill/damage an Innocent.
    5. Moving a dead Traitor's body (this can be seen as an attempt to revive the dead body).
    6. Moving or carrying explosive barrels towards other players.
  6. Traitorous Actions

    1. Refusing to be scanned by the Detective (after all three warnings have been given).
    2. Being scanned and proven to be a Traitor.
    3. Not ID'ing dead bodies (that they have obviously seen).
    4. Attempting to hide dead non-ID'd bodies.
    5. Shooting at or damaging other players unprovoked.
    6. Entering/leaving Traitor only areas.
    7. Blowing up explosive barrels near a player.
    8. Activating a trap that damages or kills another player.
    9. Not attempting to kill a KOS'd Traitor (unless there is reasonable doubt of the KOS).
    10. Damaging the Traitor tester or health stations (unless your life depends on it).
    11. Being the killer of two DNA scanned dead Innocent bodies or one DNA scanned dead Detective body (Detective has to use the DNA scanner item).
    12. Being the only non-proven player left when all dead bodies have been ID'd.
    13. Following a player after being told to stop three seperate times, without reason (another traitorous or multiple suspicious actions).